Mahmoud Khairy



Ø  Electrical Engineer (Power & Machines).
Ø  Certified KNX Tutor.
Ø  Certified KNX Partner, HVAC & Advanced. (worldwide standard for home and building automation).

Ø  MBA, Master Of Business Administration ”SMEs Management Major”- Arab League University, Maritime Academy.

Ø  12 years of systems integration experience in Home Automation & Building Control systems at research, design, demonstration, analysis, installation, programming, engineering and project management.

Ø  Certified By CYTECH as a system integrator and international instructor.

Ø  PMP “Projects Management Professional” .

Ø  KNX Tutor at KNX ZONE

Ø  Technical Manager for various building automaton brands in Egypt.

Ø  Iridium, comfortclick and thinknx specialist.

Ø  Professional instructor for smart home and security systems.

Ø  Certified Trainer from Egyptian Engineering Syndicate.

Ø  Advanced Assessor from “City&Guilds” England.

Ø  TOT Certification (Training of trainers).